Multi-master data forwarding gateway

LM Gateway202-Poll, data forwarding gateway. Provide 4 RS-232 / 485 serial ports, 1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port. Supports one master serial port, three forwarding serial ports, and one forwarding network port. Solve the problem that the field instrument RS485 communication interface is occupied by a master station.Support Modbus RTU, DLT645 protocol.

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Nand Flash128MByte SLC Flash
Serial portRS-485X4
Network port1 100M/10M Ethernet interface
Total Weight210g
Enclosure ratingIP51
Mechanical Dimensions144mm×83.5mm×27mm(L×W×H)
Mechanical installationDIN rail card slot fixing
Power consumptionThe maximum power consumption of the motherboard is ≤3W
Operating temperature-40~80℃
Working relative humidity20~90% non-condensing
  • Web page settings, plug and play

  • The gateway has a learning function to automatically obtain the collected packets of the master station

  • Virtually 3 RS485 slave ports

  • Solve the problem that the RS485 communication interface of the field instrument is occupied by a master station

  • Support Modbus RTU, DLT645 protocol

  • Set one serial port of the gateway as the master station to collect the instruments on the 485 link,
    and the other serial port or network port as the slave stations to learn the request messages of different master stations.

  • The gateway will aggregate all the packets of the slave stations to the master station for collection within the set time.
    The master station saves all collected results. When the slave station receives these request messages again, it can
    directly return the response message, so that multiple master stations can collect at the same time.

  • If there is a requirement for the real-time nature of a certain data item, you can set the priority data item of the slave.
    After the slave parses the request message of this data item, it will regard the message as a priority request message.
    The master station will collect this message first.

  • If the station number filtering function is enabled, the gateway will analyze the station numbers of the packets received
    from the stations. The station numbers are not in the list specified by the user and will not be collected.

  • Implement multiple master stations polling and one slave station to solve the problem that Modbus, DLT645, CJ188 instrument communication ports are occupied by a single master station

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