Alink is the communication protocol between the device defined by Alibaba Cloud and the cloud. The Alink protocol is a data exchange specification designed for the Internet of Things development field. The data format is JSON, which is used for two-way communication between the device and the Internet of Things platform. It is more convenient to implement and standardize the services between the device and the IoT platform. Data interaction. Before configuring the Alink page in the GC, you need to perform the following steps in the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform:
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The gateway is used to convert the DLT645 protocol protocol in the meter into Modbus TSP Server data, and the Modbus TSP Server data in the gateway is read via the Modbus TCP driver connection of WinCC and displayed on the window.
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Users can configure the Tlink IoT platform to connect to the Tlink page. Before configuring the Tlink page in the GC, you need to perform the following steps in the Tlink IoT platform:
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MQTT To OPC Gateway, running on the real-time database or SCADA system server, obtaining remote 4G gateway data through MQTT, as OPC DA Server, providing data for real-time database or other SCADA system
Features are as follows:

  • The software is registered as a service, and the server is powered on and started automatically

  • No need to configure, the real-time data uploaded by the MQTT gateway is mapped as a tag point on the OPC server

  • Very low memory consumption

  • Get software information from the run log

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