Internet of Things Industrial Gateway Product Provider

Founded in 2011, The company focuses on the development and application support of data acquisition gateway products. The company's products are mainly used in industrial data collection, energy consumption monitoring, intelligent building, power unattended and other fields. The company provides complete technical support for the products sold to ensure that the customer's plan is properly implemented.

Gateway Configuration

GC is a software developed by Romi Measurement and Control for configuring and monitoring the gateway. The GC can be separated from the gateway, using PC as the carrier, using the serial port and network port of the PC for data acquisition and data services, and outputting logs and messages. Br>It is convenient for users to debug projects in PC environment

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  • · Data collection

    Data acquisition is divided into I/O points and internal points. The IO points are driven to collect points. The internal points are divided into: system points, calculation points and user points.

  • · Data service

    Gateway provides Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA data services for SCADA, BA and other automatic control systems

  • · JavaScript editing

    JavaScript script editor built-in function, user can customize logic control by editing script language

  • · Mission plan

    The user establishes a mission plan that specifies the values for multiple points for the day of the week and time period.

  • · IoT

    The gateway can communicate with the cloud server through the MQTT protocol. Support Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud and other private cloud servers. Romi Measurement and Control launched the IoT data center, which is convenient for users to verify Internet of Things applications such as gateways, cloud services, and WeChat public accounts.

  • · Alarms and events

    The Alarms and Events page allows the user to set the trigger condition for the event, trigger the event when the condition is met, and perform the event release when the state transitions from the satisfied condition to the unsatisfied condition.

  • · Data storage

    The gateway has data storage function, which can realize data storage of I/O points, user points, calculation points and system points. The data of the gateway can only be stored in the TF card.


Modbus Gateway

Built-in data acquisition driver such as Modbus, BACnet, DLT645, providing private protocol driver integration, gateway as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP server provides external data

BACnet Gateway

The gateway is embedded with Modbus, DLT645 and other data acquisition drivers, providing proprietary protocol driver integration. The gateway acts as BACnet IP, and the BACnet MS/TP server provides external data.

OPC UA Gateway

The gateway embeds Modbus, BACnet, DLT645 and other data acquisition drivers, provides data to the upper computer in the form of OPC UA server.

BACnet Router

Provides universal, independent routing between BACnet / IP, and BACnet MS / TP networks, debugging and troubleshooting through built-in web server.

MQTT Gateway

The gateway embeds Modbus, BACnet, DLT645 and other data acquisition drivers to provide data to the cloud in the form of MQTT client.

Multi-master data forwarding gateway

Realize multiple main station polling and one slave communication, solve the problem that the Modbus, DLT645, CJ188 instrument communication port is occupied by a single master station

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