MQTT Gateway

LM Gateway414-MQTT data acquisition gateway, based on a solid hardware platform design, a complete software kernel. Provides 2 RS-485 serial ports, 1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port. The gateway is embedded with Modbus, BACnet, DLT645 and other data acquisition drivers. It provides proprietary protocol driver integration. The gateway and cloud platform use the instant messaging protocol MQTT to transmit data. The gateway data points are released through subscription. The mechanism is pushed to the cloud, and the cloud can read and write to the front-end device through the gateway.

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CPU4 core A9, 1.4GHz
Nand FlashMLC eMMC 4GByte eMMC
Serial portRS-485X4
Network port2 100M/10M Ethernet interfaces
Total Weight230g
Enclosure ratingIP51
Mechanical Dimensions135mm×85mm×29mm(L×W×H)
Mechanical installation DIN rail card slot fixing
FUNLong press to restore factory settings
Power ConsumptionThe maximum power consumption of the motherboard is ≤3W
Operating temperature-30~70℃
Working relative humidity20~90%non-condensing
InstrumentationData acquisition driverSerial portNetwork port
Modbus protocolModbus RTUModbus TCP, Modbus RTU_over_TCP
DLT645 protocolDLT645-1997, DLT645-2007/
CJ188 protocolCJ188/
MbusMBus_EnergyMeter, MBus_EN1434/
PLCMitsubishi AgreementMitsubishi Fx3U/
Mitsubishi Fx485/
Siemens protocolSiemens S7-200 PPISiemens S7-200 Network
/Siemens S7-300 Network
/Siemens S7-400 Network
/Siemens S7-1200 Network
/Siemens S7-1500 Network
Building communicationBACnet protocolBACnet MS/TPBACnet IP
Industrial control and automation interface standardsOPC protocol/OPC UA, OPC DA, OPC XML DA
Substation communication standardIEC protocol/IEC104
Non-standard protocolInstrumentationYiling temperature controller/
dlt645 JX Digital/
dlt645-2007 extended protocol/
Jiangsu Runyi Water Meter/
HL-MODBUS protocol/
CJ/T133-2012 IC card water meter/
DLT645-Fee Control/
CJ/T133-2012 MBus IC card water meter/
modbus Shendong 43/
Beijing Mingcheng Zhonghui Sunshade Curtain/
Internet interfaceInternet collection/mqtt client subscription
/Gold map weather forecast
/Zhejiang Dahua HTTP
/HTTP collection
/Air Quality
  • The gateway can be used as an MQTT client to connect to the private cloud Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc.,

    and push the data points of the gateway to the cloud through the mechanism of subscription publishing, and the cloud can

    read and write the front-end device through the gateway.

  • The gateway provides an http server, which supports two commonly used methods: GET and POST.

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